Happy Friday Buzz List!!

What am I doing: @ work

What am I listening to: Spring Love by Stevie B (I’m from NY…and we listen to freestyle)

Shameless YouTube Watching @ work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4F57zlJ1ZM … you must watch this…

What am I eating: just had some cheese and tried Starbucks instant coffee thing –> one word awesome…really you all should try it!

Random Rant: why does blackberry have all these cool apps and no SPACE for them!! Ugh…I’m definitely addicted to my crackberry :s

Jaki Buzz News: Jaki and I are on the Film Industry Mixer panel as interviewers for this year!!

check it out –> http://filmindustrymixer.com/contacts_interviewers.htm

make sure to follow us on Twitter: @JakisBuzz @_iamcrystal_ and @forrisday!!

So guys leave a reply and tell me what your doing on Friday!!

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