Happy Friday Buzz List

Where are you: somewhere between hell and work…that doesn’t sound happy?

What are you listening to: Nanets by Beriut

What do you wish to be doing right now: laying down with a cold beer, some crab legs, open water and my kindle

What’s on your Kindle: Chariot of the Gods by Erik Von Daniken…don’t judge me :p

Fortune Cookie Wisdom: It is sometimes better to travel hopefully that to arrive. Lucky numbers –> 2, 3, 19, 33, 14, 27

Obsessive Rant: Let’s do a little math First –>work. Beautiful weather+ boring work you can care less about = hate . Second –>college.  Four years of labs + four years of late nights = eternal cubicle hell. Third –>self-tanners that turn me orange + going to Atlantic City this weekend = a blotchy hot mess :s Divide all this by random moments of bit@#$% and you have a bonafide bad day!

Jaki’s Buzz Business: very funny episode coming up…better watch it!

Help me make this list better…send me what your doing and we’ll compare obsessive rants ;)  crystal@jakisbuzz.com

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