About Me

Witty and engaging, Jaki Lauper was born in Queens, N.Y. but started off her career on the stage as an actress in Los Angeles. Working in a wide variety of theatre projects before moving on to the small screen, Jaki got her first big break in her teens, in an ABC After School Special, (back when those existed) called, “Just Tipsy, Honey.”
Jaki soon moved to doing small parts in other television shows including soap operas and commercials before getting married, having two kids and moving back to the east coast where she began hosting television shows including PBS specials, and Jaki’s Buzz community entertainment television/web show, among other projects. It’s also where her kids started expanding the family with two dogs, two cats, and a lizard.
As an upbeat and positive-minded broadcasting professional, Jaki dived into one of her other passions, her love of radio. With her experience in hosting, anchoring and reporting, as well as writing, for print. Jaki has worked for many local stations in Connecticut and can be heard currently on CBS radio/WTIC AM and AM 1220 WQUN and is delighted to have recently joined the Hall Family, helping out on WICH and FM’s Best Country Station, WCTY.
You can find her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter @JakisBuzz.